Sports injury recovery

Treatment plan for Injury Recovery using Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory of TCM in relation to Musculoskeletal conditions: TCM regards pain caused by injury as a stagnation of Qi and Blood. Bio-medically, this relates conditions such as inflammation, bruising, swelling, scarring, fluid retention, adhesions and reduced movement. Treatment using TCM involves acupuncture, cupping, bleeding, massage, exercise, herbal soaks/liniments and herbs taken internally. Acute Stage These are injuries directly following trauma/surgery. This stage may only last a few days or extend to a week. There will be swelling, pain, inflammation with a feeling of heat. The goal at this stage is to reduce pain and inflammation and circulateRead More →

What if the Cortisone injection didn’t work? Cortisone vs Acupuncture Cortisone injections might be given in many circumstances where pain and inflammation persist. Injections may be used to treat inflammation and pain in joints including elbow, shoulder, knee and wrist. The cortisone doesn’t cure the injury, it acts to reduce inflammation/pain while the body continues its natural healing process. Ideally this relief lasts long enough for the condition to heal however it is not uncommon for more than one injection to be prescribed. However if the pain returns within a few weeks, its unlikely another injection would be prescribed so soon due to possible sideRead More →