Habits for Well-being

Habits for wellbeing.






My practice is based around Chinese medicine, which treats the mind-body very well (sometimes amazingly!) using acupuncture, however I also incorporate other modalities to focus specifically on stronger emotional issues.


Each of the subjects I covered has identified that the body-mind connection is very real and very important to every aspect of life. Body and mind are inseparable. From the way you eat, sleep and breathe, to your thoughts and your body.


Please have a read through the few topics I’ve put together. They are relatively short with examples of how to include them easily today. I’ve also listed a few suggestions below, of general habits you might like to incorporate, which may make a huge difference in your life… if you aren’t already doing them!…


When you wake up is a great time to take a few minutes to check in with yourself.

What are your thoughts when you first wake up? Do you need to change your mind? Focus on a happy memory or something positive you’ll be doing that day. Take 3 deep breaths. Smile just for yourself, or at the person next to you. Feel gratitude. What are you grateful for today? I thank my bed! I really do. 

How does your body feel? Is there any pain? Maybe its something you need to pay attention to and take some action. 

How do you think you slept? Do you need to change anything in your routine?

Do you have a morning ritual? Taking time to attend to your wellbeing in the morning, sets you up for a productive day.

You might like to:

Start first thing with a glass of water with some lemon. Warm water is best in winter.


Exercise. Walking is fantastic but if you prefer, you can run, gym or yoga.  Choose an activity you can do and you’ll be more likely to do it. Just move! Teaming up with someone else makes it more fun too.


Meditate. By far the best activity I’ve included in my day! If you’re a beginner, you could find a class, there are many different methods. Start practicing just 5 minutes a day. You will get benefits even if you regularly practice only 10mins each day.


Changing your routine does take practice. And like anything else, if you see value in it, you will find the time. Focus on your outcome. If you want to change, do a little each day. Find a partner so you can be accountable to each other.

Your body and your mind talk to you. If you want change something in your life, listen to the story you’re living and work to change it.