Recurring illness
Recurring Illness can be overcome using Chinese herbs and Acupuncture

Can’t quite shake that cold? Another infection? Or maybe you’re tired too often and just haven’t been well since…. You might be thinking that your immune system needs a boost. Chinese Medicine may refer to this as having deficient Defensive Qi (Wei Qi). This is your first level of defense. It is kept strong by nourishment through internal and external factors. When there is imbalance, say with the food we eat or stressful conditions it may falter and we can become ill. If balance isn’t restored the recurring illness may develop to a deeper more chronic form like digestive disturbances and chronic fatigue.


We can expect to develop mild cold/flu symptoms at some stage. That is a healthy immune reaction to pathogens. However extremely acute reactions or those lingering for too long or recurring illness, reflect a deficiency, which can be treated. The 5 Element system (introduced under Stress & Anxiety) can be used to distinguish where the deficiency is greatest and provides a starting point for treatment. Symptoms may manifest as conditions of heat, cold, dryness, damp or wind. You may literally feel hot or cold or have heavy swollen joints (damp) or stiff muscles (wind). Treatment of this level is relatively simple and should be resolved as soon as possible.

There are many treatments available to help you restore health, including acupuncture and herbs. You can also begin yourself by including changes in diet, exercise and nutritional supplements/herbs. For instance, if you are suffering recurring colds you might try restricting your diet to ‘easily digested’ foods such as broths, vegetable juice and dry toast to ease symptoms. Consuming high volumes of fluids is also helpful to replace what you might lose through sweating and gastric upset. Hot lemon water can be made by squeezing the juice of a lemon into hot water. This may help break up mucous and provide some vitamin C to aid your immune system. Garlic is known for its antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant and antibiotic actions. It is best used raw as the oil is destroyed by cooking. Try crushing a clove, mixing with honey and swallow. You could add boiling water (but do not continue boiling) along with thyme (a throat antiseptic), lemon and honey for a soothing tea. There are capsules available, if you can’t tolerate garlic in this form.

Avoid strenuous exercise when you feel sick, and resume gentle exercise when you feel able. There are many supplements available such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Zinc.

However, if you find that you catch a cold after just recovering from one or are experiencing increasing weakness and fatigue you might need extra help to restore you health. It can be very disappointing to always feel like you’re recovering from something. Remember when you were fit and healthy? It is time to reclaim that feeling everyday. Call me to arrange an appointment and we can plan your comeback.