Assistance With Stress Relief in Brisbane

Using Acupuncture and EFT to treat Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Are you feeling like you don’t have room to enjoy your free time?
Perhaps you feel like you’re always dealing with work and other people? Or you’re just not dealing with things the way you used to. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your desires, your passion.

Acupuncture is fantastic at helping you achieve calmness to relieve anxiety. Many people fall asleep during their treatment and are able to think clearly and use that time to put things into perspective for a fresh start. Acupuncture can be used casually to de-stress your week or month, or used to restore your balance of long standing issues.Have you heard of the 5 phases or elements? It is a unique system describing the cycle of growth and interaction of energies of the universe. It can be used to explain the cycle of the seasons or a single day. It can be used to describe you. You are unique in how you behave, how you react and feel in certain situations and how your body responds to weather, activity and even different foods. When the 5 elements are in balance, energy flows in harmony. We experience healthy emotions and physical activity. However when forces act out of balance they can powerfully affect your physical and emotional well-being. Each of us has an affinity to one or more of the elements leading to define our personality, emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses. When imbalances occur we observe shifts in behaviour or physical health.

Simplistically the elements are grouped like this;

  • Wood: aggressive, forceful energy linked to spring and green.
  • Fire: joyful, enthusiastic energy linked to summer and red.
  • Earth: pensive, meditative thought linked to late summer and yellow.
  • Metal: will and grief, linked to autumn and white.
  • Water: direction, fear, winter and black.

Chinese Medicine uses the theory of 5 elements to focus on the root source of imbalance. If emotional issues have brought you here perhaps now is your opportunity to examine your life, values and habits. Perhaps it’s time to even re-evaluate your personality and relationships and expand your awareness of who you are, what you want and make a change. Change, which is focused on health and prevention of illness. Change is a powerful healer.

This moment is passing and how your feel today will be different tomorrow. A passage from the I Ching;

Like the day or the year in nature, so every life, indeed every cycle of experience, is a continuity by which old and new are linked together.

You may even discover a physical issue you’ve been putting up with, goes away once you work out your emotional stresses.

If you think it’s time to reclaim your inner happiness give me a call .