“EFT” – Blue Balance Acupuncture

‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ was developed using several body-emotion healing techniques. The result is a simple tool you can use to help shift your negative reactions to physical and emotional trauma.

Emotional and physical distress can be triggered by memories of past trauma. Using this technique, we release the hold these issues have on us. Facilitating our own healing. Many people have conquered simple issues in a single session. EFT can quickly bring lasting relief. Deeper issues can be more difficult to solve. Using an experienced practitioner can help unlock core issues you may not easily release on your own.

— Testimonial—

I have recently seen Sonia for a session to help with my anxiety that I live with on a daily basis. I thought I would go in for Acupuncture but instead I had a session using EFT. It was incredible! Sonia used the entire treatment time on supporting me through a series of tapping combinations and I felt safe and at ease in her presence. She was with me through the breakthrough I felt in the session of letting go of what was holding me back and I left feeling I was more in control of my anxiety and any other emotional stress in my life by using the simple tapping technique.

Thank you so much. JU.

Chinese Medicine and Emotions

Chinese Medicine theory states that blockages along any of the energy meridians can cause pain and illness. Emotional Freedom Technique uses gentle tapping on these meridians whilst at the same time focusing on the specific issue we want to release. The results can be quite amazing. When emotional issues are released, you experience a comfortable stillness. Your body relaxes physically. Tension melts. Are you holding onto anything that really isn’t necessary? Now is the time to let them go. EFT can help you. Imagine your life without this memory/trauma/event that you hold inside.

  • EFT often works when nothing else has.
  • It can be used on issues new or old.
  • And can have fast and long lasting results. It’s simple and effective.
  • EFT can be used everyday for any difficulty.
  • It’s great for kids too! They love to tap.
  • You can practice alone (at any time), in a group or with a practitioner.
  • It is a great tool for stress relief.

EFT is used and researched in medical fields. Some Psychologists are also incorporating it into their practice. There are increasing numbers of evidence based studies, reports and personal stories where Emotional Freedom Technique has been shown to be effective.

EFT can be used for issues including:

  • Depression and related negative emotions
  • Fears and phobias
  • Physical and emotional trauma, Post Traumatic Stress
  • Obsessive thinking and behaviours
  • Motivation
  • Addiction
  • Physical pain and illness.

If you’d like to organise a session (1-2hr) please call Sonia on 0406 713 723. EFT sessions are available in clinic or over the phone/skype. (sonia.smit)