Sports injury recovery

Treatment plan for Injury Recovery using Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory of TCM in relation to Musculoskeletal conditions: TCM regards pain caused by injury as a stagnation of Qi and Blood. Bio-medically, this relates conditions such as inflammation, bruising, swelling, scarring, fluid retention, adhesions and reduced movement. Treatment using TCM involves acupuncture, cupping, bleeding, massage, exercise, herbal soaks/liniments and herbs taken internally. Treatment via Western Medicine may include pharmaceutical drugs (anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, analgesic) and also possibly a cortisone injection. Acute Stage These are injuries directly following trauma/surgery. This stage may only last a few days or extend to a week. There will be swelling, pain, inflammation withRead More →

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Have you been putting up with shoulder pain? Perhaps diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), damaged or inflamed rotator cuff muscles? This is a very painful condition that affects many people. Don’t put up with pain. I’ve seen Acupuncture and EFT work wonders and get people back their mobility. The occurrence of frozen shoulder becomes more common over the age of 50. It seems to affect women more than men. It is seen to appear without injury. This can be very frustrating. But worse is the pain. Constant pain interferes with your quality of life. Without proper sleep our body doesn’t replenishRead More →

cortisone injection alternative

What if the Cortisone injection didn’t work? Cortisone Injection vs Acupuncture A Cortisone injection is given in circumstances where pain and inflammation persist. Injections of cortisone are used to treat inflammation and pain in joints including elbow, shoulder, knee and wrist. The cortisone injection does not cure the injury. It acts to reduce inflammation and pain while the body continues its natural healing process. Ideally this relief lasts long enough for the condition to heal. It is not uncommon for more than one injection to be prescribed. However, due to possible side effects, it is unlikely another injection would be prescribed if pain returns withinRead More →