What is Changework?

Is there something about yourself you’d like to change? I believe change can happen quickly.

Sonia Smit
Sonia Smit

Since 2007 I’ve been studying peoples health and behaviour. This lead me to delve further into how the mind works and how it affects us emotionally and physically. Studies including NLP, hypnosis, clean language (among others) have allowed me to compile a number of different practices which I use to bring about rapid change.

This is Changework.


You too can experience rapid change. This change usually takes place over 1-3 sessions, unlike traditional talk therapy where solid change can take months. However, this change doesn’t just happen. I work WITH you. 

I don’t help you fix a problem. I help you change so the problem doesn’t exist.

Do you have something you want to change? (not just something you think you should change) and are you prepared to do a few exercises to help?

Yes? Then what’s next…

  1. Contact me for a free 15min chat and we will talk about your goals and see if this is the right thing for you before we book you in.
  2. Our session (via some kind of phone or video-link) will begin with a deeper discussion about what you’d like to change and the history of your issue. You might think you know why you have this issue, but often our unconscious reactions can surprise us. Using a variety of tools which include simple generative conversations, visualisations and other thought exercises, we aim to make that mental connection which allows you to make actual change on a deep level.
  3. With a couple of take home exercises to help consolidate the changes, you can begin to experience life differently.

What sort of issues is Changework good for?

Really any behaviour is changeable if you want to change it. The most common issues include:

  • anxiety
  • constant repetitive thinking
  • personal relationships (being annoyed at your loved ones!)
  • eating habits
  • depression
  • past traumatic incident
  • phobia

If you imagine how your life would be different, if you could just change “insert problem here”… then this work might be just the thing you’re looking for. Call me to get started 🙂

Looking for some clarity? “Conversation for Clarity”

It’s amazing how many people don’t know what they want. There might be an idea but it isn’t clear.

Do you have a problem you just can’t grasp the answer to? You might be a little stuck and can’t see the way forward? Maybe it just doesn’t feel right but you’re not sure why.

This one conversation could completely change all of that. Using techniques including Clean Language and your own metaphors, we can direct attention more precisely and without tripping high emotional responses. It also allows access to knowledge that may have previously been unconscious. These conversations typically result in feeling empowered and motivated to follow through with changes.

Call me if you’d like to have a conversation for clarity

— Testimonial—

I have recently seen Sonia for a session to help with my anxiety that I live with on a daily basis. I thought I would go in for Acupuncture but instead I had a session using EFT. It was incredible! Sonia used the entire treatment time on supporting me through a series of tapping combinations and I felt safe and at ease in her presence. She was with me through the breakthrough I felt in the session of letting go of what was holding me back and I left feeling I was more in control of my anxiety and any other emotional stress in my life by using the simple tapping technique.

Thank you so much. JU.