Cortisone Injection doesn’t always work. Acupuncture may help.

cortisone injection alternative

What if the Cortisone injection didn’t work?

Cortisone Injection vs Acupuncture

A Cortisone injection is given in circumstances where pain and inflammation persist. Injections of cortisone are used to treat inflammation and pain in joints including elbow, shoulder, knee and wrist. The cortisone injection does not cure the injury. It acts to reduce inflammation and pain while the body continues its natural healing process. Ideally this relief lasts long enough for the condition to heal. It is not uncommon for more than one injection to be prescribed. However, due to possible side effects, it is unlikely another injection would be prescribed if pain returns within a few weeks. Side effects include an increase in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, decreased immune response and weakening of joints and tendons.

There are other options for treating pain and injury. Whether you’ve had a cortisone injection or would like to avoid getting one. Acupuncture is one of the most widely used therapies for treating painful conditions. Its actions reduce inflammation in tissues and joints while also increasing circulation to the damaged area. This helps to increase the body’s healing function. While it is important to reduce inflammation, it is also important to address a possible dysfunction. For example there may be weakness in one muscle within a group of muscles which controls a joints movement. This may lead to pain due to its altered function/movement. Treatment in this case could be done using acupuncture, electro acupuncture and other physical exercises.

The most effective results are often achieved when you apply acupuncture during the acute stage (the first 1-3wks) of an injury. Of course it’s never too late to begin treatment and regain your natural health. Contact me or your local Acupuncturist to discuss whether Acupuncture can help your pain condition and get you back to living life pain-free.

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