emotional awareness

Mental and Emotional Awareness There’s a lot going on in your head. And most of the time you’re completely unaware of it. Have you ever caught yourself in a daydream or realised you’ve been driving on ‘auto-pilot’?  Your unconscious mind does a lot for you. It makes a lot of your decisions, without you ever having to think. Sometimes that’s not so good. Awareness of your thoughts leads to emotional awareness. If you’ve ever tried to meditate (which I HIGHLY recommend) you will have noticed your busy mind throwing around ideas, thoughts and memories, pictures, sounds and movies. You concentrate for a while and thenRead More →

physical and emotional health

What is your relationship with your physical body? Do you listen to your body? And what do you tell it? Does your body limit you or allow you to expand? Is there any pain in your body? Are you experiencing some kind of physical pain that has just developed for no reason? Are you doing your best to ignore it? Or perhaps you’ve had it for so long, its now just who you are? Take a minute to think about what story your body could be relating. When did it begin? What does it mean to you? What is your physical health? Did you knowRead More →

digestion for wellbeing

Digestion and diet is a complicated and broad subject that I’m going to keep simple and focused. Digestion is important because it is how we get energy! It delivers the components we need for metabolism in each and every cell. It is vital for life. You might think you’re eating well, but if your digestion isn’t functioning well, you won’t profit from it. Let’s begin with my definitions… A good Appetite is to have a desire for food, the ability to know when you’re full and to be satisfied by that meal without getting tired or having to follow up with snacks soon after. DigestionRead More →

sleep improves wellbeing

La La Land….zzzzzz The amount of sleep you require differs according to age and generally decreases over your lifetime. Most people know how much they need to feel alert and energised, so make sure you plan your bedtime to allow enough time before your alarm goes off! Because sleeping improves wellbeing. Adequate sleep is important for your mental and physical wellbeing. Let’s focus on the quality… How easily do you go to sleep? Ideally within 20 minutes. Do you wake through the night? It’s common to be aware of waking or moving but then continuing to sleep without coming fully awake. Do you experience excessiveRead More →


It Isn’t Just Respiration. It seems like breathing should hold a place of greater importance for us. We can’t live without it right? However, it is one of those things a lot of people just take for granted. Notice the quality of your breath right now. Is it soft and shallow, or strong and deep? Are you holding yourself in a way that allows you to breathe easily? You can improve your breathing. Here’s a few things it does for you. Respiration is crucial to life because we inhale air to obtain oxygen and exhale to eliminate carbon dioxide. Oxygen equals energy! Breathing helps toRead More →