Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain

Acupuncture can help with the relief of joint pain by aiding the release of tension in the surrounding muscles. When muscles are tight, they tend to pull the bones closer together which increases pressure in the joint. This can result in Osteoarthritis and this increased pressure often results in pain. When we can release the tension and allow more room to move in the joint, the pressure decreases, blood and fluids can move more freely and we experience less pain. Acupuncture also acts on the nervous system to help you to relax more readily to maintain proper joint position.

Osteoarthritis can happen in any joint though it is most often experienced in joints such as hips and knees. For example, hip pain is often caused by the tightness of one or more of the muscles connecting the top of the leg (femur) to the hip (illium/pelvis). We can reduce the pressure in the joint by releasing tension of muscles. These may include the gluteus and psoas. Correcting the pressure of the joint can allow the muscles and bones to sit in a more natural way which can then have flow on effects to any accompanying knee or back pain.

Increased muscle tension can be caused by repetitive action, poor posture or injury. Results from Acupuncture sessions are reported to be long lasting. Correcting improper use and posture and increasing strength will aid with long lasting pain relief.

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