What Do The 2019 Changes to Private Health Insurance Mean To Us?

private health insurance

Private Health Insurance covers Acupuncture.

Yes! You will continue to claim for my TCM services: Acupuncture and Herbal Consults!

The new changes to private health insurance come into effect in April 2019 and may effect you. There have been some natural therapies removed from “Extras”, so you will no longer be able to claim for services such as Naturopathy. You can still use their services. And certainly if you get benefit from them you should. But you won’t be able to claim from your private health insurance.

This decision was was based on a review from 2014-15, leading the Government to believe that there was not enough evidence showing effective outcomes for the excluded therapies. By removing these therapies, insurance premium increases are expected to be reduced. However this will be reviewed due to new research from the sector. You can read the press release online.. please click here.

Evidence basis for Acupuncture efficiency

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been increasing in popularity and several organisations have been doing great work implementing and presenting research. The current research shows the effective outcomes of Acupuncture and continues to reveal its mechanisms of action. Many pain clinics worldwide use Acupuncture in their treatments.

In an effort to be more transparent, the presentation of hospital cover is also being changed. Product tiers are being introduced. These tiers are Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each insurance company must offer a minimum of selected services within each tier. They can offer more within each tier, but not less. According to Choice, this could lead to more confusion.

Should you change insurance?

Start thinking about what is important to you in regards to your health insurance and be aware that your old policy may change in April. It’s a good time to start shopping around. You can find out more information about private health cover at the Australian Government site here.

Not ALL private health insurers cover my services.  If you are thinking of changing companies and still want to be covered with me, please contact me. To be certain of your cover please contact your insurance company to ensure that Sonia Smit- AHPRA # CMR0001717249 is registered with them.

Your insurance is your business. Your health is my business.

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