Physical Health, Emotional Health and Awareness

physical and emotional health

What is your relationship with your physical body?

Do you listen to your body? And what do you tell it? Does your body limit you or allow you to expand? Is there any pain in your body? Are you experiencing some kind of physical pain that has just developed for no reason? Are you doing your best to ignore it? Or perhaps you’ve had it for so long, its now just who you are? Take a minute to think about what story your body could be relating. When did it begin? What does it mean to you? What is your physical health?

Did you know that your emotional state can influence how you feel physically? And that you can influence your emotional health through physical activity? Take a moment to notice how you are sitting or standing right now. What is your posture like? Having a slumped posture is likely to be related to feelings of depression, perhaps you’re bored or tired. A strong posture is linked to alertness and focus. Change your posture and see what difference it makes for you.

What is your facial expression? There is evidence that shows, when you smile you activate your happy hormones. Even seeing someone else’s smiling face produces a similar reaction. Have you noticed that when you think of some happy or sad memory that you may feel a certain sensation in your body? And that your mood can be lifted through physical activity? So your physical health is definitely linked to your emotional health.

You are actually a physical representation of your thoughts.

Your life experiences and emotional beliefs about them have influenced who you are today, both physically and mentally. Your body and mind are inseparable. If you want to change yourself physically you need to change your thoughts.

The way you relate to your body will give you a response in kind. Find appreciation in all the things your body allows you to do. Be kind to the parts of you that don’t look or work the way you think they should. Focus on a future of better physical health and notice how good it makes you feel emotionally. Actions follow thoughts follows actions follows thoughts….

If you already have an exercise routine, take note of how you relate to your body. Do you encourage yourself and celebrate achievements or do you berate yourself for not being better/faster? If you don’t already have an exercise routine, begin with walking 20-30 minutes each day. Commend yourself on your effort to improve your circulation, breathing and emotional wellbeing.

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